Saturday, February 28, 2009

Job market tough

Spring Brings a few more jobs to Frederick

There are actually a few construction jobs, I didn't expect to see any from the constant bombardment of the media with respect to Wall Street's reaction to the stimulus plan.

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The Frederick News Post has a total of 68 Full Time Job Openings, at least 3 of which are the FNP looking to hire (wondering how much they're offering since they announced cost cutting measure of dropping the Monday edition)

The Frederick Gazzette has a total of 28 Full Time Job Openings, and some of those are Montgomery County and even Prince Georges County.

It's becoming apparent that the newspaper is not where you'll find all the best job openings. If you do a Google search for employment opportunities in Frederick Maryland you will find jobs that aren't listed in the paper!

Let's not forget the Frederick County Workforce located behind the Holiday Inn just south of FSK mall:

Purchasing Agent - MD0584360
Carter Control Systems, Inc. - Frederick

Manage the process of procuring the necessary materials and services in a time efficient, and cost effective manner to ensure the delivery of completed products to our Carter Control Systems, Inc., customers. Excellent oral, written and organizational skills. Proficient knowledge and use of Microsoft programs, as well as applicable purchasing and inventory software packages. Ability to comfortably communicate with all levels of management. Experience in Lean manufacturing environments, Kanban and Supply Chain management. Electrical experience would be great.
Salary: Competitive Salary.
Qualifications: Bachelors Degree in Business, and/or five years of Purchasing experience.
To Apply: Please fax resume to: (301) 695-3851; or email to:

Disabled Veterans' Outreach Specialist, Employment and Training Specialist Trainee - MD0242705
Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation - Frederick

The DVOP Specialist will facilitate intensive services to eligible veterans with special employment and training needs. Conduct individual interviews for assessment of job skills, job ready needs and barriers to employment. Provide formal case management, career guidance and referrals as necessary. Outreach to veterans most in need of services. For additional job details and qualifications, please visit:
Salary: Range of $26,248 to $40,980 per year.
Qualifications: All applicants must meet the minimum and selective qualifications, as listed in
To Apply: Qualified applicants must submit a completed Maryland State Application, (MS-100), and a copy of your college diploma or transcript. No Resumes will be accepted. Deadline to apply is: Thursday, March 12, 2009. Please visit: for complete details.

Computer Graphics Specialist - MD0621381
Letter Direct - Frederick

Format typescript and graphic elements using computer software to produce publication-ready material. Ability to design or create graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs, including direct mailings and printing. Basic understanding of graphic printing software such as; In Design, Photo Shop, and Quark.
Salary: Competitive Salary.
Qualifications: Experience on MacIntosh and Personal Computers. Recent trade school or college graduate should apply.
To Apply: For consideration, please email resume to:

Customer Service/Printing Industry - MD1097369
Letter Direct - Frederick

Interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services and to handle and resolve complaints. Pleasant phone demeanor, as well as an overall understanding of the printing trade, especially digital color printing.
Salary: Competitive Salary.
Qualifications: Basic computer skills. Must have previous experience in the Printing Industry.
To Apply: For consideration, please email resume to:

Plumber - MD0758748
Mount Saint Mary's University - Emmitsburg

Installs and repairs all types of domestic and commercial plumbing fixtures. Performs repair and installation of high and low pressure steam systems. Assembles, installs and repairs pipes, fittings, and fixtures of heating water supply and waste disposal system. Performs oil burner maintenance. Works with gas fired boilers and pneumatic controls. Performs electrical connections and disconnects. Repairs all types of pumps. Assist with repairs in water/waste distribution and collection system
Salary: $11.70 per hour.
Qualifications: Four years of experience in Plumbing.
To Apply: Please mail resume to: Brenda McKeel, Mount Saint Mary's University, 16300 Old Emmitsburg Road, Emmitsburg, Maryland, 21727; or fax resume to: (301) 447-5864; or apply online at:

Lawyers apply for a $30,000 (fake) job
Tracy Coenen
Jan 16th 2009 at 5:00PM
Filed under: Technology, Career

You know the job market for lawyers has to be tough if there are actually applicants for a $30,000 a year position. An attorney in New York posted the "job" on Craigslist, making it sound like the worst lawyer job ever. It was listed as a job with a firm in midtown Manhattan, a salary of $30,000, and a whole bunch of restrictions.

The "job" required 12-hour days, six days a week, offered no health insurance, required work on holidays. Also notable was the fact that the position offered three days of sick leave and five days of vacation, all of which could only be taken in January and February. The reason? The attorney needed to be available to fill in for all the partners when they took time off.

According to the Gazzette, the City of Frederick's budget deficit is right around $1,000,000.

In the final weeks leading up to the anticipated unveiling of Frederick city's fiscal 2010 budget, Mayor W. Jeff Holtzinger said that he and the city's budget staff are still working to chip away at a deficit.

Holtzinger (R) would not give an exact figure for the deficit; he did say that it started out proportionate to the county's $24 million deficit in January. (The county has since reduced its deficit to $7 million, according to the latest budget figures.)

"I won't say [the exact number] because it's always changing as we try to get it down to 0," Holtzinger said. "It's not the exact number [as the county's] — but it's proportionate.

Frederick city's $83.1 million budget is significantly smaller than the county‘s $461 million budget, but a proportionate deficit would figure to about $4.3 million.

Issue #54

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Where are the jobs in Frederick Maryland?

Where ARE the jobs in Frederick Maryland?

If you look in the Frederick News Post you don't see ALL the job openings.
...there is a reason some of the better jobs are not as interested in paying for a help wanted ad in a newspaper. The reason might have something to do with the quality of job applicants an employer receives from a 'conventional' help wanted ad.

What do I mean?

Picture this scenario: You're an employer in need of employees. The job opening is in medicine or computer tech or management or technology in general. You're looking for someone with college, not necessarily a Masters, but you want an employee who is:

  • capable

  • competent

  • knowledgeable

  • In short you want someone who's demonstrated the level of intellectual acumen and accomplishment and stick-to-itive-ness that comes with someone who has finished some sort of higher education as your next new hire.

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    What happens when you run a conventional help wanted ad in the local newspaper?

    You often get frustrated blue collar workers who might be able to do the job offered but not without substantial training, or you might get applicants that have to take Goldenseal or drink green tea if they have half a chance of passing a drug test.

    There are at least a half dozen online places for a Frederick Maryland Employer to run a help wanted ad online.

    For one thing our Frederick County Government runs Frederick Work Force and you can subscribe to their email newsletter (don't forget to subscribe to THIS blog via email while we're on that subject)

    Here's the latest openings from the Frederick County Workforce:

    Commercial Electrician - MD0120425
    Construction Recruiters America, Frederick
    Construction Recruiters are seeking to fill several Journeyman/Apprentice Commercial Electricians.
    Candidates should possess knowledge and verifiable experience in conduit and equipment installation, service panel installation, and repair; lighting and electrical systems layout; wire pulling, troubleshooting, layout/installation of electrical boxes. Must have own transportation, and tools. Must be legal to work in the United States, and be able to provide references and a verifiable work history.
    Salary: Commensurate upon experience.
    Qualifications: Three years Electrical experience.
    To Apply: Please apply online at:, click on the Employment tab, then click on the Pre-employment paperwork button.

    Inserter Operator - MD0769725
    SABA Direct, Frederick
    Operate inserting machine for jobs generated by data processing; monitor equipment; determine cause of malfunction and takes necessary action to resolve any
    problems to meet deadlines, or productivity standards. Perform job set-ups on inserting machine; complete shift log identifying all work processes and postage expended; document and report all operating problems such as downtime, reprints, etc.
    Salary: Competitive Salary.
    Qualifications: Previous experience preferred; however will train the right person.
    To Apply: Please email resume to:

    CDL II Driver - MD0110361
    Builders FirstSource, Frederick
    Driver needed for Hagerstown location. Driver will operate company vehicles in a safe manner to deliver millwork and lumber products to customer job sites while ensuring and maintaining customer satisfaction with deliveries. Maintain equipment, and perform daily checklists.
    Salary: $15.00 to $18.00 per hour.
    Qualifications: Three years previous experience; CDL License required; clean driving record. Must be able to lift over 75 lbs; airbrake knowledge a must.
    To Apply: Please apply in person at: 4011 Rock Hall Road, Point of Rocks, Maryland 21777; or visit Resumes accepted until 04/04/09.

    Collector/Deposits - MD0420523
    My Bank! First United Bank and Trust, Frederick

    Responsible for performing collection and administrative duties to support the resource recovery function; achieving goals as established in the Special Assets/Collections Departments annual operating plan; coordinating work within the department, as well as with other departments; complying with operating policies and procedures established for the resource recovery function; communicating with appropriate personnel; responding to inquiries or requests for information; maintaining appropriate records and providing assigned reports.
    Salary: $11.78 per hour.
    Qualifications: High School Diploma, or General Equivalency Degree. Five years related experience.
    To Apply: Apply online at:

    HVAC/R Mechanic - MD0931568

    SAIC Frederick, Inc., Frederick
    Candidate will work as the operations and technical support contractor for the National Cancer Institute at Frederick. Must have knowledge of the principles and theories of air conditioning and refrigeration such as; the refrigeration cycle, heat transfer laws, the use of refrigerant tables; how to calculate airflow and pressure-temperature characteristics; have the ability to apply this knowledge in the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Must have the ability to read and interpret instructions, blueprints, work orders, etc. Requires Universal Certification by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Includes full benefits.
    Salary: Competitive Salary.
    Qualifications: High School Diploma; or General Equivalency Degree. Five years of Heating and Air Conditioning Mechanics and Installers.
    To Apply: Please apply online indicating position #140625 at:


    Management jobs in Frederick, Maryland


    So you get an interview... Great, here are some useful tips on WHAT NOT TO DO and how to handle yourself in that interview:

    Interviewing Don'ts

    This article provided by Vault, The Most Trusted Name in Career Information. Browse the more than 100 career guides on available from Vault.

    Just as important as what to do, what to say, and how to act in an interview is what not to do, what not to say, etc. Here are some tips to help you avoid that fumble.

    In an interview, don't:

    1) Blame poor performance on past employers, workplaces, bosses, or co-workers. Even if you worked for Satan in Hell, make an attempt to say something pleasant or neutral, such as, "I learned a great deal" or "It was a really hot industry."

    2) Discuss personal or academic pursuits, unless you're still clearly in the small talk portion of the interview, unless someone asks you about these directly, or unless you can relate them to the position for which you are interviewing. Hobbies like mountain climbing show persistence.

    3) Appear too eager to discuss matters of compensation, hours, or vacation time. These are legitimate questions, but they should take a back seat to discovering whether or not you and the job are a good fit.

    4) Show bad posture: don't slouch, tap your feet or splay your legs or arms;

    5) Let nervousness after your actions: don't fumble with objects in your hand, rearrange your hair, jiggle pocket change or chew gum.

    6) Let your message get muffled: don't slur, don't drop your eyes, or speak too quickly.

    7) Fail to have questions when the time comes.
    8) Run on too long with answers to questions. Be aware of how the interviewer is responding to what you're saying. If you catch him or her looking bored or staring at you with a glazed or unfocused look, it's probably time to stop talking. If they want to find out more about what you were talking about, they'll ask you to continue.

    9) Fail to answer the question you're asked.

    10) Don't forget to smile! Remember, you're there at their invitation.


    Management jobs in Frederick, Maryland

    Issue #53
    Life in Frederick Maryland

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    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    Out with the old, in with the new

    One Frederick casualty of the housing slump gets replaced by discount upstart.

    It's been depressing to read about local store closings. Here's a bright spot in that department! Remember the 84 Lumberyard on Willowdale Dr? I used to see it everyday from my balcony when I lived in the Manor Apartments. 84 Lumber went out of business, I'm no economist but IMHO Home Depot did them in.

    84 Lumber faced another round of store closings this week as the building materials retailer continues to struggle through the national housing crisis.

    After closing a total of nine stores in such states as Alabama, Illinois and Oklahoma a few weeks ago, the Eighty-Four, Pa.-based company closed another 20 stores Tuesday including western Pennsylvania stores in Belle Vernon and Meadville.

    In total, the company said 160 positions have been eliminated, and some employees have been offered positions at other 84 Lumber locations.

    The rest of the closings are scattered throughout 84 Lumber’s territory throughout much of the country, including in Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, California and Missouri. Source:

    Well some somebody thinks Frederick still has some fiscal life in it:
    Designers Plus moved into the empty 84 Lumber Yard property.

    Designers Surplus comes to Frederick Maryland

    Designers Surplus has opened a new location at 101 Willowdale Drive, Frederick, the former site of 84 lumber. Designers Surplus carries kitchen and bath products at wholesale prices to the public. The retail store and warehouse boasts over 20,000 square feet. Rusty Mellott has teamed up with Designers Surplus to manage the store and oversee future growth. “The company plans to open a number of new stores in 2009” says Mellott. “The high quality for the low cost of the items makes for an unbeatable value. People go to a home improvement store and then come here and can’t believe how much more they are getting for their money. We sell solid, hardwood kitchen cabinets, designer vanities, saunas, baths and spas.” A lot of our business is done on the internet. at where you can see our products and prices. Almost everything is in stock so delivery is quick.We just opened recently and business has been brisk with many builders, contractors and home owners taking advantage of the great values we offer..”

    Designers Surplus Kitchen & Bath Deals
    Tel: 240-575-1507
    101 Willowdale Drive
    Frederick, MD 21702

    That was the in with the new part of this post... now for the out with the old:

    Circuit City Frederick Maryland bites the dust, the pictures tell the story.

    Circut City Frederick Maryland

    Every thing I saw was 10% to 20% off, I suspect most of the real bargains had already been jumped on. I did see some fancy computer hardware and high end cameras I'd like to have but didn't have that kind of money on me.

    Read what PC World had to say about Circuit City's closing:

    Bargain hunters headed to Circuit City to take advantage of the retailer's liquidation sales take heed. We checked out a closeout sale in Norwalk, Connecticut earlier this week and found once we got past the signs screaming "30 percent off" there weren't a whole lot of bargains to be had. We did find some good deals, but far fewer than we had hoped.

    As you've no doubt heard, Circuit City, the nation's second largest retailer, has gone belly up.

    We were hoping to find loads of great deals. While some of Circuit City's stock such as cables and wiring and DVD movies at the store we visited were marked down 30 to 20 percent, big tag items were only cut by 10 percent. Still, in this economic climate even a 10 percent off sale is welcome.

    Circut City going out of business in Frederick MD

    Issue #51
    Life in Frederick Maryland

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