Monday, January 5, 2009

Where are the jobs in Frederick Maryland?

I've been getting increasingly involved in employment opportunities in Frederick

Everybody I talk to in the lower rungs of the Frederick Maryland labor pool (I was living in the Cold Weather Shelter on DeGrange St a year ago) people are telling me that they can't find a job.

Traditionally the newspaper is where businesses posted their help wanted ads and people seeking jobs looked in the employment section of the local newspaper... apparently things have changed.

There are jobs out there, and many of those jobs are NOT listed in the papers.

I'm going to have to give an educated guess because there's no way to definitively claim why X is or why Y isn't but I'll tell you what I think:
Employers are looking to cut costs; and the paper just plain costs too much to put a help wanted ad in.
There are tons of places to put up a FREE HELP WANTED ad online and I've been finding them.
You'll recall in previous posts that I'm in the market for an employee. And I'm not too keen on paying for a help wanted ad either.

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Here's my short list of online help wanted ads for you to look for a job in Frederick Maryland:
  • Frederick Help Wanted
  • Kijiki is a screwy sounding website, apparently it's run by an Australian firm and Kijiki doesn't sound screwy to them

    Here's a little known resource right in our back yard: Goodwill Industries Job training

    I've personally known people that I ate with at the City of Frederick Soup Kitchen that got a job at Goodwill when they had a really hard time getting a job anywhere else. Goodwill of the Monocacy Valley has 3 locations in Frederick, Find out where the closest Goodwill is to you


    Employment Statistics for Frederick Maryland:

    Largest Employer in Frederick County is Fort Detrick - 7900 to 13000 employees
    the 13,000 is what I over heard Mayor Holtzinger say at a Downtown Frederick Music Event on Carroll Creek just outside the library. I'm thinking the larger number includes jobs that are related to Fort Detrick but not Federal Employees

    Fort Detrick is located in Frederick, Maryland, in the heart of Frederick County, the third fastest growing county in Maryland. Fort Detrick is the center of the biomedical technology growth that has occurred in the county. We are located approximately one hours drive from Washington D.C. metro area and Baltimore, Maryland, easily accessible by major interstate highways.
    Second Largest Employer in Frederick County Maryland:

    Coming in at #3 largest employer in Frederick:

    Number Four is a private enterprise:

    Fifth Largest Frederick Job center:
    Bechtel Corporation
    2,203 jobs provided by this Federal contractor

    Next largest employer in Frederick:
    1,670 employees
    Followed by:
    Frederick Community College
    1,320 surprised me by the number of people that work there... I'd not have figured it to be that high, but then again when I took UNIX 101 in Catonsville I'd not set foot in a school in 28 years either.
    Next is
    And the City of Frederick Government hires 856 people

    All those employees and I only need two!

    Issue # 47
    Life in Frederick Maryland Online Magazine
    January 10, 2009

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