Thursday, April 9, 2009

MD Government Banned from communicating with constituents

It looks like an unelected buearuacrat who doesn't want to do his job is prohibiting OUR elected officials from engaging US in the manner we most prefer to be engaged.

I'm only going to publish the comments section of this important blog post from a written by Judd Legum, an attorney, progressive activist and Annapolis native.

Previously, Judd was the research director at the progressive think tank Center for American Progress, where he created the blog ThinkProgress, which remains one of the most popular progressive blogs on national policy and politics.

Most recently, Judd was research director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He graduated Georgetown Law in 2003 and currently practices law in Annapolis.

  • Phil In Denver on 06 Feb 2009 at 2:39 pm

    This guy, Mike Gaudiello is NOT an elected official, he is an IT director. He does not have the right to make a decree of this magnitude if it interferes with the business of legislation, as clearly something like this certainly would do. As an IT director he would report to the head(s) of the Maryland General Assembly. Furthermore, viruses and phishing schemes can easily be blocked with anti-virus software and up to date browsers properly configured.

    As an IT director he knows this all to well, so he is either incompetent and not qualified to hold that position, or he is injecting his own personal political agenda into his duties which as someone who serves the entire MGA, are by definition supposed to be non-partisan.

  • Sonja on 06 Feb 2009 at 5:05 pm #

    Interesting that an IT director has the authority to select content that our elected officials find helpful and useful as an application. Wonder who blessed him with that much control? Rooted in ignorance methinks (is the IT person in inept that he cannot remedy a virus, one might ask?

    This is a terrific template for whom not to hire when looking for IT people. Control-seeking individuals who overstep boundaries and claim security issues to further their own bias. Note to self, when searching for IT staff, make sure paranoia isn’t apparent in the resume. Maryland just moved back a few decades technologically.

    Unfortunately, the 150 million people on Facebook might be worth another glance, Maryland. There is great potential for marketing, promotion, relationship building, resource sharing, collaboration, and problem-solving.

  • Steve on 06 Feb 2009 at 5:41 pm #

    As being a Director of IT and having been in the IT field for over 32 years, the bottom line is clear. It doesn’t matter where the viruses come from, Facebook, MySpace, whatever. All this proves is that Maryland’s antivirus protection is severely lacking and horribly inadequate and proving the incompetence of the IT staff. It would be like a grocery store setting a policy to not accept checks anymore because someone wrote one that bounced. How absurd.

  • because, after all, why would they want to make it easy for people to communicate with politicians and their staffs? it's almost like they don't want to hear from millennials or anybody else on social networks ..

    Newspapers Not Effectively Using Social Media

    Need better integration
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