Monday, June 8, 2009

Aging Workforce come out just fine in recession

Older Workers Stand to Capitalize Big Time

as the economy recovers.
By MarketWatch

With unemployment at more than a 25-year high and the economy still shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month, it might seem odd to be talking about worker shortages and the need to retain skilled labor in many businesses.

But this recession will end, and when it does demographics are going to start working in favor of the labor force, as the number of younger workers starting to climb the ladder dwindles and companies face what could be big gaps in the talent pool. That should spell opportunity for older workers, if companies start planning now for training and retention.

One group of older workers that is going to have a big impact in the labor-force future is Hispanics age 55 and up. That component is going to be expanding more rapidly than any other, a new study from AARP shows, and will be able to meet many of the needs firms will have in the future -- if they are prepared for the wave.

U.S. businesses don't have the best track record when it comes to dealing with older workers of any racial or ethnic background. But their survival may depend on getting it right.

-- Steve Kerch, assistant managing editor/Personal Finance

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Your interview comes up in less than 24 hours... are you ready?

Even if you have less than a day before your job interview, you can outshine the competition with a little preparation. The following four tasks will take you about four hours (plus five minutes) to complete, and you’ll walk into the interview confident you’ll be successful.

Conduct Basic Interview Research

Find out as much as you can about the interview. Call the person who scheduled your appointment and ask:

Who will you be talking to? Will you meet the manager you’d work for, or will you just talk to HR? What are the interviewer’s expectations?

What’s the dress code? Dress better than suggested. Most times, it’s best for men to wear a suit and women to wear a professional business outfit. You’d be amazed how many candidates show up looking like they’re going to class, not presenting a professional demeanor.

Get directions to the office. Plan to leave early. Keep a phone number to call if you get stuck on the bus or in traffic. If you arrive late and stressed, the interview will not go well.

If you don’t have a detailed job description, ask for one.

That’s a five-minute phone call.


Current Job Postings from the Frederick County Workforce Website:

HVAC Service Technician
Frederick, Maryland
HVAC company is seeking Installation and Service Technicians that are serious about their profession. The right candidate for this position will be a self starter and someone who is looking to create a career with our company by doing excellent work and making every customer happy. Neat and detail oriented with a desire to please the customer. Journeyman or Masters License is preferred.
Salary: Competitive Salary.
Qualifications: Seven years previous experience. Valid driver's license with a clean driving record
To Apply: Visit for additional details. The job order number for this position is MD0788467.

HVAC Sheet Metal Helper

Frederick, Maryland
Assist in the installation of heating and air conditioning duct work on residential new construction job sites. Some experience in construction helpful. Must have a good work ethic and a desire to learn a trade.
Salary: $10.00 per hour.
Qualifications: Valid driver's license and be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen and background check.
To Apply: Visit for additional details. The job order number for this position is MD0395950.

Frederick, Maryland

Dietician for Long Term Care Facility. Prefer active membership in the American Dietetic Association. Experience working in a long term care facility a plus. Work well throughout the Food Service Department. Involved with residents, personnel, visitors, etc. Communicates with the medical staff, nursing personnel and other department personnel.
Salary: Competitive Salary.
Qualifications: Must have active License as Dietician in Maryland. Bachelors Degree in Dietetics.
To Apply: Visit for additional details. The job order number for this position is MD0211964.

Inserter Operator
Frederick, Maryland
Essential duties and responsibilities include operating inserting machine for jobs generated by data processing, monitoring equipment; determine cause of malfunction and takes necessary action to resolve problem to meet deadline or productivity standards. Perform job set-ups on inserting machine, completing shift log identifying all work processes and postage expended.
Salary: Competitive Salary.
Qualifications: Minimum of one year previous experience.
To Apply: Visit for additional details. The job order number for this position is MD0867789.

Remote Satellite Television Installer
Frederick, Maryland
Remote-Satellite Installation Technicians spearhead the installation, as well as assist with testing and repairing equipment that receives digital signals for residential customers. Must be willing to work flexible hours including weekends. Employees will be compensated for overtime. A background check will be preformed as part of the pre-employment process.
Salary: Competitive Salary.
Qualifications: High School Diploma or General Equivalency Degree. Two years previous experience. Valid driver's license with a clean driving record is required.
To Apply: Visit for additional details. The job order number for this position is MD0483685.

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