Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Algae into diesel fuel in Frederick Maryland

Carroll Creek Algea Diesel 013

This is yesterdays view of Carroll Creek @ East Patrick St Frederick MD 21701

In the heat of the day, all this Algae really smells bad... the hotter it gets the more it stinks.

For Some Reason, the Army Corp of Engineers didn't create this creek bed with enough 'slope' to allow the fresh water from Carroll Creek, which empties into the Monocacy River and passes Fort Detrick... it doesn't flow fast enough to stay clear and clean.

The flow of the creek is so slow that bacteria forms and Carroll Creek becomes an Algae Farm and/or Factory...

Can there be a sliver lining to this stinkin mess?

From this site:

Some one's working on a way to turn Algae into Fuel...

Now, it's been a mild summer... the price of gas has actually fallen, it's almost down below $3.00 a gallon...

Let it get cold and see what happens... let it get REAL COLD, and the price of home heating oil will skyrocket up to more than your mortgage payment currently is.

Carroll Creek Algea Diesel 012


Carroll Creek Algea Diesel 011


Issue #3
October 14, 2008

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