Monday, October 13, 2008

Close to the money and still agricultural in nature

I love it here in Frederick City Maryland.

As a contractor, I can report that I find Frederick is cheap enough for us to be able to afford to live here and close enough to the 3 wealthiest counties in Maryland.

Just south of us in Montgomery county lies thousands of millionaires, 7% of all Montgomery County residents are millionaires... and all that money is just 10 miles south of here.

Carroll County is the only place I delivered pizza at where EVERY tip was $5 or MORE.
I used to deliver pizza to get myself through school and when in between entrepreneurial start ups.

And we can afford to live here! Gaithersburg Maryland and Germantown Maryland are now cosmopolitan towns, more foreign born techies per square inch than anyplace I've seen so far.

The Rt 270 technology corridor is where a lot of high paying jobs are... and those people, for the most part, do NOT live in Montgomery County... Montgomery County home prices where one of the extremely few localities where prices actually went UP.

Now if you're coming from Western Maryland or some other rural area, Frederick might seem like it's too busy, too crowded, too much crime? (Please... I came from Baltimore... u dont even wanna go there... Frederick is tame believe me)

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October 13, 2008

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