Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Frederick County Hiring Again

On October 21, 2008 Frederick County Maryland announced a (temporary) hiring freeze, now they're hiring again

The following list includes all job opportunities advertised for Frederick County Government.

Health & Nursing 7 Jobs
Geriatric Nursing Assistant - GNA @ CCRC
(#72110B / R#2028) GERIATRIC NURSING ASSISTANT* - GNA @ CCRC Citizens...

Open Until Filled
Geriatric Nursing Assistant / GNA @ Montevue (on-call)
Open Until Filled
Registered Nurse - School Health (#72431A / R#2469)
REGISTERED NURSE – SCHOOL HEALTH School Health Program -... [Read on]
Open till filled
12/31/2008 11:59 PM
Registered Nurse (part-time)
(#72430B / R#2455) REGISTERED NURSE (Part-Time) Montevue Home ...
Open Until Filled
Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse
(#72430B / #72410B / R#2195) REGISTERED NURSE ... [Read on]
Open Until Filled
Social Work Manager - Admissions
(#73160B - R#2451) SOCIAL WORK MANAGER - ADMISSIONS Citizens Care & Rehabilitation Center Salary Range: $48,112 - $52,923 per year (exempt; full benefits)... [Read on]
Open Until Filled
Speech Language Pathologist or Clinical Fellow - SLP
(#73200A / R#2394) SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST ( or ) CLINICAL FELLOW - SLP* ... [Read on] Open Until Filled

On a wider front...

Music sales rise in harmony with game appearances

By The Associated Press – 30 hours ago

Artists who have released songs on its "Guitar Hero" platform have seen separate sales of those tracks triple on average, according to Activision Blizzard Inc.

Here's a sampling of how some songs have fared after appearing in versions of Activision's "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band," from Viacom Inc.'s MTV Games and distributed by Electronic Arts Inc., that were released late last year.

Download figures compare the week ending Dec. 30, 2007, with the final week of December 2006.

_ Guns N' Roses, "Welcome to the Jungle" (1987), Geffen, released on "Guitar Hero III" Oct. 27, 2007: 38,000 downloads, up 153 percent.

_ Pat Benatar, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (1980), Chrysalis, released on "Guitar Hero III," Oct. 27, 2007: 9,800 downloads, up 180 percent.

_ Aerosmith, "Dream On" (1973), Columbia, released on "Guitar Hero III," Oct. 27, 2007: 10,000 downloads, up 15 percent.

I love Aerosmith, and Pat Benatar... guess I'm showing my age.
I'm working with a 25 year old video YouTube Star, Stuart Edwards who's birthday is today. I told him this on my Facebook page when I was telling him Happy Birthday:
You're finally gonna be half as old (and experienced) as I am... youngin
Age and Treachery will overcome youth and vigor any day

Stuart took this video in Maryland while filming a hunting trip:

And in response to the last controversial post I made where I quoted Jim Cramer, I found this on

Jim Cramer's Advice Slightly Worse Than A Coin Toss?
This reminds me of a theory of mine. There are a lot of "movers and shakers" in the world, but none of them are necessarily smarter than the next guy. If you have a gift for speech, and can convince people of your credentials, you have all you need in life to be successful. This is why the smart people typically don't make tons of money...soft spoken intelligent people don't go far in this world.

That excerpt was from a comment to the blog post.. a comment I happen to agree with.

Tony Robbins said this: "If you're gonna screw up, screw up BIG"
Just get out there and try something!

the meek shall inherit what?
the left overs of the go getters...

"Successful people do the things that failures don't like to do"
Earl Nightengale

Merry Christmas Frederick

Issue #35
December 25, 2009
Life in Frederick Maryland

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