Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Place to look for Jobs in Frederick

Craigslist has help wanted ads for Frederick Maryland.

I always thought of Craigslist as a classified ads site, a sort of online yard sale site. Well you can look for a job in Frederick there as well.

Newspapers traditionally were THE place to place a help wanted ad and virtually the only place a job seeker would look for employment in Frederick Maryland. The Internet has added many alternative places to go for hunting a job and placing a help wanted ad too.

Craigslist charges $25 for a help wanted ad, I found this out because I need a hired hand for my business. Frederick Web Promotions has a "help wanted" shingle hung on it's substantial piece of Internet Real Estate.

Did you know Craigslist has a Western Maryland section

(update on Craigslist and help wanted ads... Craigslist only charges that $25 for the more popular, high traffic cities it features ads in, you may run a Help Wanted Ad in most cities on Craigslist and it won't cost you a dime. I found out because when researching for this help wanted ad I wanted to run it in Washington DC, fast forward 6 months later and a Commercial Cleaning Service I am the webmaster for needed to hire 10 people in upstate New York. I ran a Craigslist Help Wanted Ad in Buffalo NY and it was free.

Craigslist even has a section where they compare Craigslist to and

I just discovered that what I do for a living is becoming mainstream!

There are major differences in
Craigslist Help Wanted Washington DC suburbs


Craigslist Help Wanted Western Maryland (at least for my skill set there are differences)

Take a look at

What I noticed is that most of the listings are for programmers, but there are, in increasing numbers, help wanted ads for PPC (pay per click) experts and organic search engine optimization specialists

That'd be me

There's even a Frederick Maryland Help Wanted Ad for:

Search Engine Rock Star

I'm not kidding...

Wed Dec 10
PPC or SEO Rockstars Wanted. - (DC Metro Area)

The programmer jobs require a college degree... not so for Search Engine Rock Starr !!!

Here's another Frederick Maryland example of companies that are aware that there are only a few select people with the Search Engine Marketing Skills I have and those companies are quietly seeking to get the Business Blog advantage for thier clients.

Topical Writer/Producer/Editor. _ start now (western maryland )

Responsibilities: Review our journalism programs to identify potential trends, articles, and newsworthy contributors. Track coverage to assure that we are reporting latest, most significant developments in all imaging modalities and subspecialties. Attend and report from meetings as necessary. Prepare features and news reports for print and web publication. Help traffic copy and develop editorial plans.

One of the ads is offering $33 an hour

... I'm thinking

... nah, I can make a whole lot more than that working for myself

I need to hire someone! see this earlier post in this blog

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January 10, 2009

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