Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Jobs in Frederick Maryland

Relocate to Frederick Maryland for a better job

For openers I need to hire an intern.
Ideal Candidate is high school student with aspirations of being a journalist.

After School part time hours. I'm accepting applications the entire month of January with an eye on February being the job start date.
2 -3 hours a day, 2 to 4 days per week.
Can work from your own computer and Internet connection.
MUST be able to write a 200 character description of (summary of) a news story.
This is a minimum wage position but it's going to look real, REAL good on your resume and when you get into college (assuming you're going to be a journalism major)

I plan on finishing out the remainder of this year illustrating employment opportunities for young professionals seeking to relocate to Frederick Maryland.

To see what is involved take a peek at my blogger profile here Local Google Advertising

OK, on with the rest of this issue:

The largest employer in Frederick County is Fort Detrick.

How to use CPOL (Army's Vacancy Announcements) to find Department of Army Vacancies Serviced by the Fort Detrick Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC):CPOL Web site:

  • Select: Employment
  • Select: Army's Vacancy Announcements
  • Scroll down to States and Select MARYLAND
  • Hit Get Results

There will be about 200 vacant positions that will be listed for Maryland.

From the official Fort Detrick Website

The military loves to abbreviate stuff, I think they're called acronyms?
Prepare yourself for being acclimated to acronyms, a quick perusing of the job listings reminded me of filling out a Form 1040!

The Frederick News Post has a typo in this ad: someone chopped off the "m" in dot com:

Home> Classifieds> Top Jobs
Top Jobs

Administrator Administrative Director, Behavioral Health Services Incredible Opportunity for seasoned professional to manage large, comprehensive behavioral health program. I checked and this was supposed to be a dot com not dot co (hey I make my share of coding mistakes! give em a break)
Since I don't know what employment field you're interested in I added this form:
Just fill out what type of job (office work, blue collar, management, legal, medical, clerical, what ever field YOU want to find out about and the form will tell you current openings in and near Frederick Maryland
job title, keywords
city, state, zip

jobs by job search
Many people work in Montgomery County and Live here in Frederick County (who can afford to live in Montgomery County Maryland?) that's why Rush Hour Traffic on RT 270 is a pain.

HOWEVER... if you live here in Frederick Maryland and Choose to work in Hagerstown Maryland (that's farther west for those of you reading this in a state outside of Maryland)
If you head up the mountain in the morning and down the mountain in the evening all the traffic is going the other way!!!

You'll basically get RT 70 all to yourself.

Merry Christmas Frederick
Life in Frederick Maryland

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