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New Employment in Frederick Maryland

Get a Job in Frederick Maryland continued:

Every other post to this blog is going to be on the topic of finding suitable employment opportunties in and near Frederick Maryland. I can see from my web stats that Job information what you want the most from this blog.

Most Common Resume Mistakes:
Don't include the kitchen sink!

Job seekers do themselves a disservice when they send out résumés with more information than they need. Most employers don’t have the time or patience to sift through the irrelevant details. Here are 10 things your résumé could do
without: (I'm not going to copy all ten items here, just what jumped off the page for me)

1. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. “If you are careless enough to send out this most important document with a mistake…I immediately assume you'll never care enough about the work you send out representing my company," says Jose Bandujo, president of New York-based Bandujo Advertising. He recalls one candidate who misspelled Manhattan, despite having worked in the city for a decade and another whose great educational background didn’t compensate for the fact that he couldn’t spell “education.”

I'm guilty as hell on this one... I lost a Frederick Internet Advertising customer from not proof reading my copy... managed to learn something from it though:

  1. I now clearly state what my consulting firm does and doesn't.
  2. I'm not your web designer (I can fill in if you don't have one)
  3. I'm not your copy writer (Although I do a great job of it)

I am your Search Engine Positioning guy- that's a very specific talent. Web Designers can not get Google to say exactly what we want Google to say about your company!

This next one from the article surprised me... leave out the opening objectives?

2. Opening objectives. “These are generic…They do nothing to differentiate one candidate from another,” says Donna Flagg, president of The Krysalis Group, a human resource and management consulting firm in New York.

5. Details of every task you’ve ever performed in every job you’ve ever had.
“It's too much information. Managers and recruiters need to know at-a-glance what makes a candidate special,” Flagg says. Focus on those details that pertain to the job for which you’re applying.
6. Excessive bragging. Stating one’s accomplishments can be helpful, but when it’s overdone, the candidate can come across as narcissistic, a huge turnoff for employers, Flagg says

OK, this one hit's too close to home... Bragging cost me getting my name in the paper. When I started my online publishing business I did not know just how many important people were reading my work. My first 3 customers wanted me to think I was not worth anywhere near as much as I knew I was... one even tried to leverage my past mistakes against me, implying that no one else was going to hire me with a checkered past like mine (see my blogger profile and read between the lines)

Bottom line when I DID do something outstanding I went way, WAY too far in bragging about it, not realizing that just a few highly targeted readers that really, REALLY want to know what I'm saying is all it takes for some one in my business to make money.

I'll explain: website one gets thousands and thousands of generic visitors, like
a MySpace Page, why did they come to the site? To "be cool?".

Website two only gets 30 visitors a day, but 1 of them actually BUYS something! That is a 3% conversion ratio.. in my business a 1% means making a substantial profit.

9. Unexplained gaps in work history. While job seekers shouldaccount for these gaps, they should be careful with theirwording. “One of the weirdest things that I ever saw on arésumé…was a candidate who explained a 10-year lapse inwork experience as being in jail during those years forkilling her husband,” recalls Linda Goodspeed, marketingrecruiting manager at VistaPrint. In such a situation, shesays, the best thing to write would be “left work forpersonal reasons,” and the candidate would be able toexplain the criminal record later.
I cover my gaps in employment with being a free lance what ever, it's the truth so I say so. I think every one should have a little side business, even selling Amway or what ever. Hell, your hobby often qualifies as a business if you do it right.

For the rest of that article go here:


With the election all we hear about is how damaging outsourcing labor overseas has hurt our local economy. College grads didn't fear this too much as it looked as if only blue collar jobs were going to the cheap labor countries. Well India has more and better and smarter and hungrier college grads than we do. As an entrepreneur I have to say this about that: If he wants it more than you do he earned the right to get it. It's not like anyone did him any special favors, he earned it and you didn't.

Here are 9 jobs that HotJobs at Yahoo says aren't going overseas, these jobs are staying right here: (yahoo credits the US dept of labor for this list)

Dental Hygienist
It's tough to clean teeth from across the world. A career as a dental assistant usually begins with an associate's degree from an accredited college or university.
Pharmacy Technician
People take their health seriously -- that's why a certification as a pharmacy tech is not likely to be outsourced.
Fitness Professional
It's hard enough to be motivated in-person. Offshore encouragement won't cut it. A career in fitness can begin with a certificate program.
Teacher Aide
Teachers need live help to care for kids. An anonymous, off-site representative just won't cut it when it comes to educating our kids.
Auto Repair Technician
Most car troubles can't be repaired with simple, over-the-phone instructions. An auto tech studies anywhere from 6 months to 2 or more years, and will always have a steady stream of live customers.
Pet Groomer
Along the lines of a dog trainer, pet grooming just must be done in person. This is usually only a certificate program.
This career depends fully on local workers -- plumbers definitely won't be phoning in from overseas to unclog your toilet.
Veterinary Assistant
A pet's health and happiness is of serious importance to most owners, and they won't be putting it in the hands of foreign workers. You can become a vet assistant by completing a certificate program.
This highly technical and hands-on job simply can't be done any other way, except live and in-person.

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