Thursday, November 6, 2008

Find a job in Frederick Maryland

Frederick County Government is offering a free resume clinic November 6 at the
Frederick County Workforce Services, located at the Business and Employment Center on 5340 Spectrum Drive, Suite A, in Frederick, Maryland.

I wish I'd seen this earlier because it looks like in order to attend this free resume clinic they require as a prerequisite that you've already taken another free class on 'selling yourself on paper' (I couldn't find a link to that course?)

What does the Frederick County Workforce Services attempt to do?

From their official website:

Intended outcome for Job Seekers using FCWS in 2006:

Reduced the skill shortage faced by Frederick County's high-demand industries by providing career training scholarships to one-third of all registered job seekers.

Of the job seekers who received training and/or job placement services:

98% re-entered the workplace
96.5% earned a credential
90.9% remained in their new positions for at least one year.
Provided comprehensive outplacement services to 1,194

Intended outcome for Businesses seeking quality employees in 2006

Supported Frederick County businesses in the retention and growth of their workforce by approving training for 106 employees at various companies via the Maryland Business Works program. Of these employees, 82% received a recognized industry certification, such as SQL or Six Sigma Black Belt.

Taught professional development classes to 2,697 workers at over 50 businesses in partnership with FCC, resulting in increased staff knowledge, skills and overall productivity.

A total of 232 businesses listed 5,404 jobs in the Maryland Workforce Exchange (, resulting in measurable recruitment cost savings and access to 2,600 active job seekers in Frederick County.

For a complete list of services offered by FCWS to job seekers click here

They are open on Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and on Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Ok, now for some less than bright news about people wanting to work for Frederick County:

Hiring Freeze for the County of Frederick in Effect as of October 21, 2008
The County Commissioners have instituted a temporary "Hiring Freeze" that initially affects all vacant positions with Frederick County Government.
Each Division's vacant positions will be assessed, and the County Manager will determine whether each of those positions will or will not be eligible for hire at this time.

Human Resources will contact each applicant for previously advertised Frederick County vacancies (by letter) to advise their status as soon as decisions are made regarding the status of each hiring process that has been affected by this Hiring Freeze.

Any positions that are approved for advertising and hire during this Freeze will be announced and advertised by Human Resources in the customary manner, using the Job Opportunities page on the Frederick County Government website ( rel="nofollow"), Frederick cable television (channel 19) and local newspaper advertising.

Issue #12
November 6, 2008

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