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Train a comin?

train a comin?, originally uploaded by k2ski.

This breath taking photo is near Buckyestown off Rt 85, not far from my house.

This picture is so good, it looks like a painting, but it's really Frederick MD.

Frederick is an amazing place to live... as I say:

"Close enough to the wealth of Montgomery County MD for me to make a living and low enough cost of living for me to be able to afford to live here.

Great Shot was taken by

There are quite a few Washington county residents that work in Frederick County.

Why do they do that?

Because the cost of living is lower in Hagerstown and the rates of pay paid by Frederick County employers is higher that's why.

Planing on moving somewhere where you can afford to live and have it be close enough to a high paying job to commute?

Relocating & looking at Hagerstown

Planning on moving to Hagerstown Maryland?

Read some apparently very honest pros and cons about your planned move to historic Hagerstown Md on this site that comes up in the search engines:

Excerpted from:

The closer you get to Frederick, i.e., the closer to DC, the worse the prices and traffic.

I'd recommend moving up the line ten miles into Greencastle, PA, a neat little town with the old N&W still running through it. Not sure how near you are to retirement, but there is no state income tax in PA on most retirements, a little-known but very important fact.

As we were planning for retirement, we looked at houses around Greencastle and there was much to pick from. If you are now in Cumberland, you can be there in an hour. Make it a point to eat dinner at Mrs. Gibbles for really good food; just google up her website to check days/hours and menu. My favorite is fried chicken livers, one of her specialties. She's part of the potato chip family of the same name, and also runs a chocolate shop next door. Cool place.

There are tons of small towns up in PA that have great quality of life and are within the 30 minute/mile range of Hagerstown. MD is a bit of a high tax state and parts of PA can be, you gotta check carefully with the realtor. I'm not a realtor, nor associated in any way with the industry, but realtors cost you nothing and can do a great job finding exactly what you need, on price and on schools and sports for the youngsters. You also can get a feel for the area by using the realtor site to drill down on the map of an area to see what's for sale and at what prices. Armchair shopping at it's best. The real estate market has softened a lot in past 8-10 months, a lot of inventory is for sale and moving slowly, so you should be able to drive a harder bargain these days than a year ago, when the market was red hot.

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November 12, 2008

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